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Relic, 2012

Intaglio, acrylic, and found object on carved wood

Relic pays homage to medieval reliquary box structures and embodies concepts from my current body of creative work. Through metaphor, I communicate how natural cycles correspond to life experience by representing stages of growth and renewal within an environment that exhibits elements of decomposition and decay. The ambiguous landscape serves as a metaphor for human experience – the elusiveness of life, of illness, and of death; while the gourd is a symbol of healing, and the resiliency of life.

In this piece, I used intaglio prints on thin Japanese paper as collage elements on a carved, wooden-box structure. I carved in relief and filled in areas with acrylic paint prior to adding collage elements.

Relic is the first work in which I have incorporated a found object – the gourd. I have used the gourd as a subject in three previous works, two mixed-media drawings, and one traditional intaglio multiple-color edition print. By using the gourd itself and the spiritual context of the reliquary box, I have further enhanced the representation of stages of growth and renewal that are prevalent in my current body of creative work.


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