A Moment of Clarity

It is the start of my second sabbatical. I have stopped and looked around me with fresh perspective and open eyes. I didn’t see the chaos, the clutter, the loose ends until I stopped and assessed. My priorities have been my family and my job. My art was pushed to the background to simmer.

Now, I am picking up the pieces and tying the loose ends, taming the chaos, sorting the clutter. I am working at a frenzied pace. I recognize that I have a precious gift of time that won’t last. A time to feed my soul with making.

Below are the first two pieces I completed, they were both started as demos for Digital Art, a course I teach at Curry. The first is a digital collage using intaglio prints and photographs as source material. It is 16″ x 20″ printed on Somerset.  The second started as a 20” x 20” digital collage, was printed on Somerset and worked back into with charcoal, conté crayon, and pastel.


gourds w drawing


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